India China - Doklam Plateau Standoff

July 06, 2017
2 years

What is the issue?

  • Indian troops intervened to block the path of Chinese soldiers engaged in building road-works on the Doklam plateau of Bhutan’s territory that Beijing laid claim.
  • Beijing responded by closing access to Indian pilgrims seeking to proceed through the Nathu La pass on to Kailash-Mansarovar.

What is the source of the conflict?

  • Doklam plateau is a 269-sq km plateau in Bhutan, which overlooks the strategic Chumbi Valley.
  • The plateau is claimed by China.
  • Bhutan has a written agreement with China that pending the final resolution of the boundary issue, peace and tranquility should be maintained.
  • Now the construction of road raised concerns between Bhutan and China.

Why China is interested in the region?

  • The road, which passes through Bhutan’s territory, has significantly enhanced China’s military logistics in the region.
  • China aims to promote the development of the Yadong region, which is connected to Lhasa with a highway.
  • China is also aiming to establish formal ties with Bhutan..
  • It was reported to have Pressured Bhutan by saying it would not agree to a border deal until Bhutan allowed it to open a diplomatic mission in that country.
  • It would also like to adopt a military posture in the area to ensure that it can defeat India in any military contest.
  • At the same time it is seeking to check India’s efforts to help Bhutan.

How India and China relation is affected by it?

  • China accused Indian border guards of crossing into its territory to stop the construction of the road.
  • Chinese are using it to send various political messages.
  • India boycotted the Belt and Road Initiative jamboree in Shanghai in May.
  • It’s unclear if its $50-billion China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) will be viable if India doesn’t join.
  • China’s riled at India’s growing US tilt in what Beijing sees as an anti-China alliance that includes Japan and Australia.
  • Chinese also wants to signal that China has consolidated its position on the global stage.

What are India’s interests?

  • Indian Army regards the Doklam plain as strategically crucial because it opens a path to the Siliguri Corridor which links the northeast to the rest of India.
  • India also can’t afford to abandon its diplomatic ties with Bhutan

What should be done?

  • India needs to make some kind of economic concessions to china.
  • While we stay out of CPEC, we should offer to join BRI.
  • At the same time we need to ensure that we aren’t side lined to smaller stage by the global giant next door.


Source: Business Line

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vinod 2 years

how is indian non alignment policy towads china and bhutan justify