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February 11, 2019
8 months

Competitive populism is on the opposite end of the spectrum of competitive federalism. Justify (200 Words)

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Mazhar 8 months

Pls review

IAS Parliament 8 months

Include some points on how competitive populism goes against Competitive federalism. Keep Writing

IAS Parliament 8 months


·        Competitive populism is the idea of framing the policies and campaigns by the political parties that focuses more on the individual problem rather than the country as a whole.

·        This results in the implementation of short term plans and lack proper outcomes , resulting in the wastage of financial resources.

Competitive populism opposite to Competitive federalism

·        Competitive populism among political parties and offers of loan waivers and free power in the run up to elections are just temporary solutions that do not address structural changes needed to sustainable development.

·        Example: Loan waiver schemes for farmers cause big relief from farmers’ perspective nut increasing NPAs cause huge problems in Indian Economy, widens the fiscal deficit and impede fiscal consolidation.

·        The explanation for the source of funds for the schemes developed on the basis of Competitive populism lacks reasonable explanation from policy makers to people.

·        This causes the loss of trust and confidence of people on Government thus affecting the mechanism of Good Governance in India at all levels of adminstration.

·        Moreover, the interrelationship between the centre and state gets hampered because of the competitive populism, as the idea of inclusive development takes back seat in the process of decision making in the Government.

·        Further the respect ot the separation of powers (hoerizontlly) gets undermined, where the policies designed results in improper outcomes which leads to the intervention of judiciary in executive domain, causing judicial overreach.

·        Thus the outcomes of competitive populism in various ways lies opposite to the ideals of Competitive federalism.


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