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June 12, 2019
8 months

The draft of National Education policy 2019 is a reformative step in a right direction, but the issue of inequalities in education system remain unaddressed. Critically discuss  (200 Words)

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IAS Parliament 8 months


Reformative step

·        Policy proposals such as providing greater room for student choice, shifting curricular focus from content to skills and essential learning,

·        enhancing emphasis on foundational numeracy and literacy,

·        building on learning outcomes and experiential learning,

·        recognizing the relevance of liberal arts education at the senior level, providing flexibility in the examination system,

·        introducing a semester system at the senior level are indeed welcome.

·        Long-awaited reforms in teacher education and a clear emphasis on their ongoing professional development are truly laudable.

·        The success of any policy is contingent on its implementation.

·        The proposal in the draft NEP 2019 of having similarly constituted school management committees in both government-aided and independent schools.

Issue of inequalities

·        While the policy talks about the need to bring “unrepresented groups" into school and focus on educationally lagging “special education zones",

·        It misses a critical opportunity of addressing inequalities within the education system. It misses to provide solutions to close the gap of access to quality education between India’s rich and poor children.

·        While the policy places considerable emphasis on the strengthening of “school complexes" (clusters of schools sharing joint resources) and decentralized mechanisms for supporting teachers, their everyday management appears to have been tasked to the head teacher of the secondary school in the cluster.

·        Furthermore, no separate funding appears to have been earmarked for this. This is false economy, since this is a full time activity and needs to be staffed and resourced accordingly.

·        The revenue is decentralized to the states and it is unclear what would be done to ensure that resources needed will be allotted. 

N.k 8 months

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IAS Parliament 8 months

Try to include specific points about School clusters,  bridging the gap between India's rich and poor etc. Keep Writing.

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IAS Parliament 8 months

Good answer. Keep Writing.

aishwarya ravi 8 months

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IAS Parliament 8 months

Need better understanding. Elaborate positives and criticisms of the draft policy. Keep Writing.


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IAS Parliament 8 months

Good answer. Try to include about school complexes and its funding pattern. Keep Writing

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