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Agriculture Current Affairs

Comprehensive Current Affairs of Agriculture especially on Cropping patterns, Irrigation, storage, transport and marketing of agricultural produce, Farm subsidies, MSP, Public Distribution System, food security, Food processing & Land reforms.

Making India Atmanirbhar in Oilseeds

Concerns raised over India’s agriculture trade policies, Boosting oil seed production, Credit peri…

Increase of subsidy on DAP

Subsidy of DAP is increased due to the possibility of farmers protest

Food Corporation of India Directive – MSP Payment

FCI directive, Objective, Concerns, Current practice, Implication, Way forward

Farmer Producers Organisations - Small and Marginal Farmers

Farm holdings, Measures supporting FPOs, FPOs’ performance, Concerns, Way forward

Rising Fuel prices cripples farmers

Farming operation will get affected by the rising fuel prices

Demand for legal guarantee MSP

Extending MSP to all farm produce and guaranteeing it through law is challenging task

Viable value chain for pulses needs to be built up

Creating a value chain for pulses can boost its production and consumption

Role of agriculture - Economic Slump

Earlier economic slumps, Role of agriculture, Current scenario

Ignoring Women Farmers

Concerns for women in agriculture, Recent farm laws, Impact

Achieving Crop diversification in Punjab

Crop diversification has multiple benefits in Punjab



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