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AUKUS: Opportunities and Challenges for India

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September 24, 2021

What is the issue?

In its first reaction to AUKUS, India has made it clear about its non-committance to the agreement.

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What are the opportunities of AUKUS for India as a QUAD member?

  • AUKUS could strengthen the Quad’s agenda to keep the Indo-Pacific region free, open and inclusive.
  • It could bolster the Quad’s efforts on maritime exercises, security and countering COVID-19, climate change, cooperating on critical technologies, and building resilient supply chains.
  • US’s comeback on partnerships with fellow democracies and engaging with Indo-Pacific flank is in line with India’s hopes.
  • India views that AUKUS is not a substitute for the Quad as Quad focuses on a much broader theme beyond maritime security.

What are the concerns over AUKUS?

  • The timing of the announcement of AUKUS just before the Quad leaders meet could overshadow the latter.
  • It might signal that the U.S. is engaging with the Quad to less substantive issues in the Indo-Pacific.
  • U.S. is now promoting a security partnership with its “Anglo-Saxon” treaty allies upsetting the balance of power in the region.
  • India views that the agreement could set off new tensions to India’s east adding to the substantial turbulence in India’s west caused by the developments in Afghanistan.
  • India does not see AUKUS as nuclear proliferation but it has noticed the protests from others, especially France as a concern.

What are the differences and similarities between AUKUS and QUAD?

  • AUKUS was just announced on 15th September 2021 whereas QUAD was in the making since 2007.
  • AUKUS is a security/military alliance while Quad is a diplomatic alliance.
  • The countries under AUKUS include Australia, USA and UK whereas QUAD includes United States, India, Japan and Australia.
  • AUKUS specifically will deal with the security and military situation in the Indo-Pacific region whereas QUAD focuses on multilateral issues -- ranging from economic discussions, security affairs & global affairs.
  • In AUKUS, Australia would be helped to develop nuclear powered submarines but in QUAD only military exercises like Malabar are conducted but no nuclear submarines are developed.
  • One similarity is that both the groups have a common interest in protecting the Indo-Pacific region from China’s dominance over other nations.


Source: The Hindu

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