Making Peace in Afghanistan

Afghans are suffering from the effects of war even in the middle of peace talks.

Gaining from the US-China Trade War

Early evidence suggests some gains for India from the US-China trade war.

ASEAN Summit Highlights

The 34th ASEAN Summit was recently held in Thailand’s capital Bangkok.

Trump on Kashmir Issue

US President Donald Trump has said that Indian PM Modi had asked him to mediate on Kashmir, and that…

U.S.-Turkey Relations - F-35 Fighter Jet Programme

The U.S. recently terminated Turkey’s participation in the F-35 fighter jet programme.

ICJ Verdict on Kulbushan Jadhav

The ICJ has ordered Pakistan to review Kulbhushan Jadav’s death sentence.

India's Role as UNSC Non-Permanent Member

India recently won in its bid for a non-permanent seat at the UNSC for a 2-year term in 2021-22.

War Crimes and ICC

Conviction of a warlord gives a cause for being optimistic.

US’s Action on Bench and Switch Scam

US takes stringent measures on those who use "bench-and-switch" scheme to manipulate the process of …

Iran-US relations - Nuclear Deal

Iran will store and enrich more uranium, breaching the limit set by Iran nuclear deal.
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