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China’s Reaction to India’s Agni Missile

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December 28, 2016


Why in news?

  • After India successfully test-fired Agni-V ballistic missile,without referring to Pakistan, China advocated the need for “preserving the strategic balance and stability in South Asia”.

What is China propagating against India’s nuclear missile test?

  • China signaled that there are restrictions imposed by the UN Security Council on India for developing missiles carrying nuclear weapons.

What is Agni V?

  • Agni V , with a range above 5000 km, can carry a payload of 1.5 tonnes, three times the minimum weight of an atomic warhead.
  • It is survivable to a counterstrike, as it is mounted on a TATRA truck, which imparts mobility to the weapon-system.
  • Missiles having nuclear warheads launched from fixed silos can be more easily targeted.

What is  China propagating about India China relationship?

  • China is speculating reports about India and Japan relationshipis to counter China.
  • China stressed that India and China, is emerging economies, and not rivals but partners.
  • China is willing to work alongside regional countries, including India, to maintain the long-lasting peace, stability and prosperity in Indian Ocean region.


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Source: The Hindu

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