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Clear Signals on Indo-Pacific

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March 09, 2022

What is the issue?

China’s claim that the U.S. Indo-Pacific strategy is aiming to create an Indo-Pacific version of NATO is in news.

What was the accusation of China?

  • China accused the U.S. of “stoking geopolitical rivalry” by forming exclusive clubs.
  • It alleged that the U.S. was leading a “five-four-three-two” formation in the region by
    • strengthening the Five Eyes intelligence alliance
    • peddling the Quad
    • piecing together AUKUS
    • tightening bilateral military alliances
  • It said that the broader goal of the U.S. was to establish an Indo-Pacific version of NATO.
  • Beijing has repeatedly blamed NATO for the crisis in Ukraine and has also moved to reaffirm ties with Russia.


What consequences might it have on Indo-China relations?

  • By equating the Quad, which is not a military pact, with other security agreements, China now also appears to be clearly situating India as a part of the U.S. exclusive club.
  • New Delhi will need to consider how this will impact its close relations with Russia.
  • Some in New Delhi have come to view Beijing’s aggressive moves along the LAC in 2020 as a warning sign to deter India-U.S. relations.
  • India’s response has been to continue deepening ties not only with the U.S. and the Quad but also other Indo-Pacific partners.
  • Mr. Wang did acknowledge that recent “setbacks” in ties suited neither India nor China.
  • The two sides will meet on March 11 for the next round of military talks to take forward LAC disengagement.
  • As India and China continue to restore ties from the lowest point and ensure peace on the border, they will also need to have a broader conversation about global currents that are reshaping their bilateral relations.



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