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Diversification from Dollar

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July 14, 2022

Why in news?

The RBI’s permission to Indian importers and exporters to settle their transactions in the rupee is a significant step towards reducing India’s dollar dependence and diversifying its foreign currency reserves.

What is the potential impact of dollar dependence in India?

  • Imports- India relies on dollar-denominated imports for over 85% of its crude oil requirements and imports more goods than it exports.
  • Therefore, India’s import bill usually shoots up when the dollar strengthens, increasing the local demand for dollars.
  • Widening deficit- It will widen the deficit between its imports and exports.
  • Balance of payments crisis- If this gap gets out of control, it can lead to a balance of payments crisis (though risks of this are low in the current context).
  • FPI pullouts- Foreign Portfolio Investor (FPI) pullouts worsen the situation because this further increases the domestic demand for dollars.
  • Depreciation of Indian rupee- When the US dollar strengthens, the Indian rupee usually has no choice but to give in.
  • Since the beginning of the year, the rupee has lost about 6% in value terms against the dollar.
  • Domestic inflation- Many essential commodities and intermediate goods that India imports also get costlier, thus feeding into domestic inflation.
  • Remittance- Indians who remit money in dollars to support relatives will need to shell out more.
  • Interest rate hike by RBI- A fast-depreciating rupee can also force the RBI’s hand in hiking interest rates more quickly or steeply than it originally intended.

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How will the settlement system in rupee work??

  • The settlement mechanism has been designed in such a way that it needs the involvement of only the trading partner country and its banks.
  • It enables invoicing of all exports and imports in rupee and settlement at a market determined exchange rate.
  • Indian banks have been allowed to open special rupee vostro accounts of banks of the partner trading country.
  • All payments made by Indian importers and receivables of Indian exporters will be channelled through these vostro accounts.
  • This process has already been tested while paying for crude oil imports from Iran in rupee.

A vostro account is an essential part of correspondent banking in which a foreign bank acts as an agent providing financial services on behalf of a domestic bank. Vostro is a Latin word that translates to "your," as in "your account”.

What is the significance of RBI’s move?

  • Alternate method of trade settlement- It allows settlement of all international trading transactions in the Indian currency thereby providing an enabling mechanism to enter into bilateral agreements with all willing trading partner countries to implement a different method of trade settlement.
  • Easy trade with Russia- The move will immediately make processing of trade transactions with Russia easier as Russian banks were barred from using the SWIFT messaging system early this year.
  • Solves the exchange rate issue- It could ease the burden on India’s exchange rate and external account.
  • Settling external trade in the rupee reduces India’s vulnerability to period of dollar strength and the exchange rate volatility caused by domestic demand for the dollar perpetually outpacing supply.
  • Internationalization of rupee- It is also a definitive step towards internationalising the rupee and an attempt to hedge against the overarching dominance of the US dollar.
  • Reduces geopolitical tensions- It is the way ahead to avoid difficulties arising out of future geopolitical tensions.
  • Economic development- With India’s imports being higher than exports, there will be surpluses in the vostro accounts that can be used for permissible capital and current account transactions.



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