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Indian Economy Current Affairs UPSC and Economics Updates


Currency Substitution, Dollarisation, De-dollarisation, Ecuador Model, Internalisation of Indian Rup…

Boost India’s Capital Goods Sector

Inverted Duty Structure, Scheme for Enhancement of Competitiveness of the Capital Goods, Production …

Issues in Sovereign Gold Bond

Physical Gold, Digital Gold, Gold ETFs, Sovereign Gold Bond, Foreign Exchange Management Act 1999, E…

Cyprus Confidential

Global Offshore Investigation, Golden Passport Scheme, Corporate Tax Haven Index, Double Taxation Av…

Debate on 70 Hour Work Week

Factories Act 1948, Mines Act 1952, Minimum Wages Act 1948, Labour Code, Worker Efficiency, Skill Ac…

Digital Empowerment of Rural MSMEs

MSMEs, Rural MSMEs, Digitalisation in MSMEs, Digital India, Digitalisation initiatives, UPSC

Household Debt Challenge

Household Debt, Household liability, Debt Service Ratio, Debt to Income Ratio, Residential Maturity,…

Reverse Flipping

GIFT City, IFSCA, Flipping, Reverse flipping, Startups, Overseas Investment, India’s economic grow…

Gender Pay Gap

NSSO, PLFS, Labour Force Participation Force, Wage Disparity, Worker Population Ratio, Unemployment …

Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code (IBC) 2016

Corporate Insolvency Resolution, Committee of Creditors, Insolvency Professionals, Debt Recovery Tri…



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Indian Economy Current Affairs UPSC and Economics Updates

One of the most important aspects of any government exam is the Current Affairs. Keeping up with the latest news in the national and global arena will help you succeed in the competition. Nevertheless, you should also pay attention to the little things as these can sometimes have a big impact on the Indian economy.

There are numerous websites that offer information on current affairs. Those that offer the most comprehensive coverage will be the ones you'll find most useful. However, you'll have to choose your resources wisely as some sites are only as good as their content. StudyIQ is a popular site that offers a wealth of relevant content. It provides daily, weekly and monthly PDFs as well as current affairs videos. The most comprehensive of these is the '2 Minute Series' that covers the most important developments in the Indian economy in a nutshell.

While there are a number of sources for this type of study, NCERT notes can provide a good base of information. These are particularly useful for students who are studying the static portions of the subject. Despite their simplicity, they provide a solid foundation for your upcoming examination.

A good source of information on current affairs are the Government Schemes. This includes the government schemes of the day, as well as the ones that have been enacted or are being contemplated. For example, the Role of Reserve Bank of India revised its rules regarding bank lockers in August 2021. Similarly, ICICI Bank launched a self-service delivery tool called iBox.

Other important sources of Government websites, PIBs, newspapers and even the govt. This is the best source of data on what is going on in the country. Moreover, this site provides the latest updates and a number of other interesting facts and figures. So, if you want to learn about the most important events and activities in the nation's capital, make sure you check out this site.

The site also features a list of notable events, including the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the National Museum and the Kolding Museum. Also, you'll want to know about the new rate for the lottery.

The site also includes the 'PreCure' economy. Designed to test your knowledge of the subject, this program will quiz you on the most Pertinent Care Economy and finance topics. Among the offerings are a series of weekly current affairs, the weekly 'Economy of the Month', a 'Premix' economy, and a 'PreCure' economy special edition. All of these come in handy in the lead up to the UPSC Civil Service Exam.

The website also features a comprehensive list of the most important government schemes in the country. You can also subscribe to its newsletter to stay informed about the newest and most important Government Policy and Interventions developments. Another 'plus' is that it also features a number of free reports on various subjects ranging from banking to Health Index. Ultimately, the site's main aim is to improve student's learning experience.

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