Education Current Affairs

Delhi Model of Education

This model’s validation now creates a pathway for the next set of reforms

Annual Status of Education Report 2019

Govt-supported schools with motivated and trained teachers are a must

Global Gender Gap Index 2020

A Rounded Approach - To ensure women’s access to resources, opportunities

Migration Studies

These studies need to put in perspective changing patterns of movement

Fee Hike Protest in JNU

JNU fee hike will lead to 40% students being completely abandoned by the education system.

AP: English to be the medium of instruction in state-run schools

This government move will prove counterproductive

NEET Data from Tamil Nadu

TN government data on NEET, Indications, Needed response...

Harvard Undergraduate Admissions Case

It has elements that resonate with the Indian reservation debate strongly

IITs’ Tenure Track System

Rethinking college recruitment in IITs

Poor State of Kashmir’s Children

State of Kashmiri children, Factors behind, Legal violations, Legal recourse, Way forward
UPSC Prelims 2020