Climate Action Summit 2019 - Mitigation and Adaptation

Mitigation, Adaptation, Implications, Generic Adaptation Decision Framework, Sundarbans delta

UPPCB Order on Kanpur Tanneries - Pollution in Ganga

UPPCB Order, Kanpur tanneries, Concerns, Measures needed

Graded Response Action Plan - Delhi

Pollution control measures in Delhi, Graded Response Action Plan, Measures, Shortfalls

Protests in Kerala against Ban on NH 766

Series of protests against a ban is happening in Wayanad
UPSC Prelims 2020

Addressing Changing Trend in Monsoon

The drastic change in the monsoon pattern in recent years calls for a holistic and quick policy resp…

The link between jobs, farming and climate

Focusing on Agri production: A solution to the unemployment problem

Declaring climate emergency in India

UN and climate experts have called for this declaration

Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS)

A market where particulate matter emissions are traded

UN Climate Action Summit

India’s call for solid steps on climate change must be matched by domestic measures

‘Green Bonus’ Demand of Himalayan States

Green Bonus Demand, Larger issue with Himalayan region, Colonial Legacy, India’s present scenario
UPSC Prelims 2020