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Environment & Biodiversity Current Affairs

Environment Current Affairs 2020 on Conservation, environmental pollution and degradation, environmental impact assessment updated on Daily Basis.

Save the Tiger, Save the Forests - Sariska Relocation

Tiger conservation, Project Tiger, NTCA, Measures in Sariska, Relocations

Microplastics Pollution in the Ganga

Quantitative analysis of Microplastics along River Ganga, Significance, Larger concerns, Measures ne…

EU's Carbon Border Tax - India’s Concerns

'Carbon Border Adjusted Mechanism', Rationale, Concerns, Impact on India, Larger implications

Forest Rights and Forest Conservation

Banni grassland in Gujarat, India’s efforts at land degradation, Concerns, Potential, Way forward

Need for Environmental Tax Reforms - Eco Tax

Household health spending, Alternate sources of health financing, Environmental tax reforms, Eco tax…

Net Zero Emissions by 2050 and India

Net-zero carbon, India’s case, Feasibility, Challenges, Way forward

Beginning of Green Era

Green Initiatives of Saudi Arabia to combat climate change

IMD’s First-Stage Forecast for 2021

Forecast for 2021 south-west monsoon, Need for caution, Way forward

Climate Finance

Far more climate finance needed than what has been negotiated

Low-Carbon Future

Sector-led approach can lead to low-carbon transformation



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