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Geography Current Affairs UPSC PDF and Indian Geography Current Affairs Updates for IAS and Mains

Prelim Bits 24-03-2023 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

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Preparation for Geography Current Affairs UPSC and Indian Geography Current Affairs Updates

World Geography Current Affairs holds a significant place in all of the three stages of the UPSC civil services examination-prelims, mains, and interviews. For the Prelims part of the preparation, the subject can be divided into Indian Geography Current Affairs UPSC, World Geography Current Affairs UPSC, and Human Geography. They can also be mentioned under Social Geography, Economic Geography, and Physical Geography.

Geography is a subject where one needs to plan the preparation journey along with the UPSC Geography current affairs. It is very important that the preparation goes hand in hand after you know the complete syllabus and learn the basics promptly by learning NCERTs. It is recommended to proceed from Std. XIII of Geography book. Then move towards, Certificate Physical and Human Geography by GC Leong, and Geography of India by Majid Husain books. Also, when you read about history, economic or socio-political issues, connect it with geography current affairs UPSC and make notes. All these can be gathered only from the newspaper or your geography current affairs pdf. easy to locate those places on the map and study them later too.

Learning Tips of Geography Current Affairs for UPSC

First things first, so start with India and its topics. Whenever you are learning Geography Current Affairs UPSC, always do learn with maps and an atlas. It is recommended to go through the details with both whenever one learns the places and other important things regarding that. Regarding politics , it is important to study how many states border with how many other states, cities north to south, east to west, etc. When one learns these relating to the country’s and world geography current affairs, it will be icing on the cake to solve the geography questions in the Prelims.

In terms of Physical Geography, it is suggested to study rivers, their origin, mountain extent, valley extent, highest peaks, cities on river borders, deserts, lakes, and their geographical extent, etc both in terms of India and World Geography. It is always suggested to give importance while learning daily current affairs to such topics and make a note of these in the notes. Then correlating them with maps and other details will take it up on the right path. Repeat the same exercise for all continents in general keeping in mind famous places, rivers, etc. Besides learning all these, one should know about oceans and need to learn about ridges, straits, important ports, trenches, important sea routes, etc. Then start with one continent and proceed to others on the same topic. Learn about important mountains, rivers, lakes, plains, etc on all the continents. These are many places recently in the news because of the ecological and climate issues faced by them. One should know about One should also learn about human rights in the world.

One needs to know the rights and laws of the various countries. Also, learn about important cities and capitals of the continent. Recent war and economic outbreaks in various countries make it more important to the Indian Geography Current Affairs UPSC PDF part as these add up to various angles of questions in Mains and Interview also. So, an aspirant is expected to have a clear idea of all these concerning that particular issue and also, its impact on the world and an individualistic view of the issue with a possible solution. However, during the initial days of your preparation, locate important places on news in the Atlas and try to revise them as much as possible as these are volatile memories. Space your preparations.