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Remembering the Holocaust – Hate Crime

The Holocaust, Hate speech, Anti-Semitism, Global efforts, Holocaust denial, Way forward

Edward Colston

Anti-racism protestors attack their own local brand of racism

The Armenian Genocide

Year 2020 marks the 105th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide

30th Anniversary of Berlin Wall Fall

The fall is incomplete as the wall made of politics, economics and discrimination is still up

The Exhumation of Francisco Franco’s Remains

Invigorates Spain’s far-right for whom Franco’s mausoleum, a rallying point

Peace Process in Afghanistan - A Vietnam Comparison

U.S.’s withdrawal after Vietnam war; Comparison with present day Afghanistan

Land Distribution in South Africa

South Africa’s land distribution issue has gained focus with a recent tweet of the U.S. President.

Legacy of Nelson Mandela

Nelson Mandela expanded capacity to rethink politics in terms of empathy, forgiveness, and values.\n…

Neanderthals - The Artistic Humans

Europe based study has proved that Neanderthals are more artistic than Homo sapiens

Condition of Germany Post WWII

It is important to know about the cold war Germany to understand recent political developments in Ge…



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