Odisha's Women Empowerment Model

Women-centric initiatives by Odisha government

ECCE of the Draft National Education Policy

Early childhood care and education (ECCE) for the first 1000 days

Draft NEP for medical studies

Draft NEP to offer remedies for medical studies: A Controversy

Draft NEP 2019: Link between Education and Nutrition

Education’s crucial link with nutrition in India

Draft National Educational Policy - An Analysis

The draft National Education Policy lacks the very abilities it emphasizes, critical thinking and de…

Periodic Labour Force Survey (2017-2018)

Jobless growth: Earlier confined largely to the organised sector is now spreading

Addressing Issues in Employment

The consolidated codes on labour laws need a thorough vetting and discussion in Parliament.

Draft National Education Policy 2019

The draft of National Education Policy has been recently submitted by the Committee led by the Chair…

Draft National Education Policy 2019 - Language Controversy

Following the submission of the draft National Education Policy, there were protests against the thr…

Learning Outcome-based Curriculum Framework - Choice Based Credit System

Delhi University is in the process of revising all of its undergraduate programmes along the lines o…
UPSC Admissions 2019