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International Relations Current Affairs

Comprehensive Current Affairs of International Relations, India and its neighborhood, regional and global groupings and agreements involving India and Indian Diaspora updated on updated on Daily Basis.

Why is India challenging WTO verdict on sugar?

WTO verdict on sugar subsidies, Fair and Remunerative Price (FRP), Drop in sugar prices, WTO’s dis…

Friend in Need- Sri Lanka’s Economic Crisis

Indo Sri Lanka Relations, SriLanka’s economic crisis, SAARC currency swap, Trincomalee project, Ch…

The Chinese Challenge uncovers India’s Fragilities

India- China Border crisis, Renaming places in Arunachal, two-front collusive threat, Doklam crisis,…

India’s Foreign Policy 2021: From Selective to Universal Engagement

India’s Foreign Policy in 2021, Taliban takeover in Afghanistan, President Joe Biden’s regime, p…

Hard Questions that need to be asked in the Palk Strait

Fishing dispute between India and Sri Lanka, Bottom trawling, Regulation of fishing, Maritime zones,…

Why the Russia-West equation matters to India

Russia-West relation, Significance of Russia for India, India- Russia, India-US, Ukraine issue, NATO

The Post-Merkel Chapter in Indo-German Ties

Indo-German Ties, Angela Merkel Era, Issues that needs Chancellor’s attention, Post Merkel Era, Ol…

India Russia 2+2 Summit – Part2

India Russia 2+2 Summit, S-400 missile, Russia- U.S. ties, Ukraine issue, China factor

India-Russia 2+2 Summit

India-Russia relation, differing opinions, conflict between the Kremlin and the West, India-Russia s…

India and U.S.’s Tariff and Visa Issues

India and U.S Trade relations, U.S.-India Trade Policy Forum, OECD/G20 Inclusive Framework



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