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Civil Socities Current Affairs

Strengthening Civil Societies

Citizen-led upsurges bring about change, but the gains are lost in sheer organizational dynamics.

Kerala Migration Survey

Kerala Migration Survey, conducted by the Centre for Development Studies, released its report recent…

Uniqueness of 'Kudumbashree' SHG in Kerala

The 'Kudumbashree' women in Kerala played a significant role in the relief operations after the rece…

Securing Civil Society - Activists' Arrest

The Pune Police has arrested five top activists, allegedly for Maoist links.

Oxfam Scandal

Oxfam international’s staffs were involved in a sexual misconduct during an operation in Haiti

Human Rights Violations in the Name of Law

In India rule of law is being compromised due to the lack of actions taken against the human right v…

Case Study - Role of NGOs

Case Study - Role of NGOs in development of Handloom Industry

Institution Building for Achieving SDGs

Efforts of various stakeholders need to be effectively coordinated for achieving SDGs

Going Ahead with Nukes

Reforms in Public Health Management Systems



Upsc Mains 2020