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Health Current Affairs

Indian Pharma Industry - Need for Innovation Focus

Significance, Shortcomings, Priorities, Need for innovation, Limitations, Measures needed

Understanding Why Kerala’s Covid Caseload Remains High

Kerala High Covid Case, Test Positivity Rates (TPR) levels, High prevalence of NCD, Kerala Corona UP…

Indemnity Waiver for COVID-19 vaccines

Emergency Use Authorisation, DCGI, Adverse Events Following Immunisation (AEFI)

Focusing on Diseases Sidelined by COVID-19

Non-communicable diseases, disruptions by COVID, NPCDCS, mDiabetes, mCessation etc

Vacancies in Courts & Tribunals

Supreme Court’s recent observations, Pending judicial vacancies, Failures on part of the Centre

State of Food Security & Nutrition in the World Report

Highlights of the report, Food insecurity in India, Reasons, Need of the hour

Health Workforce Shortage - COVID-19 Health Package II

Policy mistake of the mid-1980s, Workforce shortage in pre-pandemic and post-pandemic days, To be do…

Ramping Up Vaccine supply

Current vaccination pace, Vaccination coverage so far, To be done

Health Data Management Policy - Privacy Concerns

CoWin portal, National Digital Health Mission, Policy, Shortfalls, Risks, Way forward

The Right Vaccine Policy

Significance of vaccines, Need for vaccine policy, Priorities, Rural focus, Vaccine policy



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