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India-Japan friendship for Global Peace and Prosperity

70th anniversary celebrations, Prehistoric Relationship, Relationship Post-Independence, Present Are…

Saying goodbye to Nuclear Suppliers Group

Nuclear Suppliers Group, Eligibility Criteria, India's membership stand, Its Significance

The Geneva Talks: The US-Russia Conflict

Geneva Talks, The US-Russia relation, Ukraine crisis, Expansion of NATO, INF treaty, NATO

Kazakhstan Unrest

Political crisis in Kazakhstan, Rise in fuel prices and inflation, Almaty, Nur-Sultan, Collective Se…

How long can China be a Developing Nation?

WTO definitions of developed and developing countries, advantages of developing country status, Chin…

Military crackdown in Sudan

Military crackdown in Sudan, Resignation of Prime Minister and its Implications.

A whiff of trouble in the Nord Stream Pipeline

Nord stream 2 Pipeline and its importance for Germany, Concern of USA and its Allies, Suspension of …

Iran Nuclear Talks echoes in the Gulf

Iran Nuclear Talks, JCPOA, Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), engagement of GCC with Iran, Vienna negot…

Israel’s Missile Strike on Syria

Latakia port, Israel-Syrian conflict, Syrian civil war, Golan Heights, Lebanon's Hezbollah, Israel-I…

The Arab Gulf influence over Kabul

Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), Gulf countries’ influen…



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