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International Issues Current Affairs

How the 9/11 wars changed the world

Taliban, Regime changing wars, Role of U.S. in changing the world, Islamophobic politics

China - U.S. Relation

Trade war, South China Sea, COVID-19, Xi-Biden, Areas of conflict, Recent developments

US-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy

1994 Agreed Framework, NPT, CTBT, Deterrence theory, North Korea test fires, Yongbyon complex

Certainly not the end of the road for the U.S.

Background of US's presence in Afghanistan and impact of its withdrawal

UNSC Resolution 2593 & India

Safe evacuations of Afghan nationals, UNSC, China & Russia Abstained, Resolution 2593 UPSC etc

UK and the Northern Ireland Protocol

Post-Brexit trading arrangement, Contentions and concerns, Britain’s stance, Possible options

Republicans’ Opposition to Critical Race Theory - U.S.

Critical race theory, Key ideas, Republican’s opposition, Recent moves, Concerns

U.S.'s decision to block Iran-linked websites

U.S. decision, Disinformation, Ebrahim Raisi's election, Nuclear deal, Way forward

Cold peace: On first Biden-Putin Summit in Geneva

Significance of the meet, Key outcomes, Long-pending irritants, Way forward

A year after Galwan - India-China Relations

Current situation, Shortcomings in the approach, Policy on war documents and related history, Future…



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