India-Pakistan Trade Tensions

Recent trade unrest, Implications, Way forward...

State of Pakistan’s Economy

Pakistan’s growth rate, its economy at present, constraints...

Pakistan's Response to Scrapping Art 370

Pakistan's stance, Diplomatic relations, Way forward

UNSC Resolution 47 on Kashmir

Pakistan uses this to say India’s move is illegal

Challenges to Nagaland's RIIN Initiative

An overview of the challenges that are likely to come up in the RIIN process.

Concerns with Foreigners Tribunal - Abdul Kuddus Case

The Supreme Court recently decided on a batch of 15 petitions regarding the National Register of Cit…

ASEAN Summit - RCEP Negotiations

The ASEAN summit was recently held in Bangkok, Thailand.

Shanghai Cooperation Organisation – Bishkek Declaration

The Shanghai Cooperation Organisation's (SCO's) Heads of State summit was recently held in Bishkek, …

Blacklisting Pakistan under FATF

June, 2019 plenary meeting of FATF could take up a proposal to downgrade Pakistan to the blacklist.

Foreign Policy Challenges and Priorities for India

The new geo-political developments at the global level poses varied challenges for India.
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