Draconian Provisions of J&K Public Safety Act (PSA)

The PSA allows for the detention of a person without a formal charge and without trial.

Mob Lynching - Jharkhand’s Tabrez Ansari Case - II

'Culpable homicide’, ‘murder’, Police's argument, Contentions in the case...

Civil Liberties and Courts' Role - J&K Case

Rights suspension, Executive supremacy, Principle of Proportionality, Courts' role

Concerns with UAPA Tribunals

UAPA functioning, Shortfalls, JeI, J&K ban, Contentions, Concerns...

Issues with Final NRC list

Bengali-origin Assamese under NRC can be deemed illegal immigrants later

Assam NRC draft released on August 31, 2019

District-wise figures of people excluded from NRC

Reflecting on Democracy

Democracies’ functioning, Drawbacks, Healthy democracy, Need for caution, Way forward

Security, Law and Order - Judiciary’s Role

Habeas corpus case, Key rulings, Concerns, Kashmir issue, Way forward

Privacy is not considered as supreme

Two years after K.S.Puttaswamy case

Pakistan to approach the International Court of Justice (ICJ)

The case to be filed against India based on the “human rights violations” in Kashmir
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