Mob Lynching - Jharkhand’s Tabrez Ansari Case - II

'Culpable homicide’, ‘murder’, Police's argument, Contentions in the case...

Civil Liberties and Courts' Role - J&K Case

Rights suspension, Executive supremacy, Principle of Proportionality, Courts' role

Need For Worker Safety Law

Occupational safety, Concerns at present, Priorities, Way forward...

Archbishop’s Apology for Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

Why this apology matters?

Ending U.S.-Taliban Peace Talks

Cessation of U.S’s peace talks with the Taliban, Reasons, etc...

Israel-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations

Israel-Pakistan Diplomatic Relations, Pakistan’s rationale, Rethink on Pakistan’s foreign policy…

Russia - A Balancer in India-China Relations

Giving age-old ties a new shine

Division between the EU and the U.S. - Iran’s Crisis

JCPOA, Situation in Iran, European countries’ differences with U.S., Future Prospects

Withdrawal of Hong Kong’s Extradition Bill

Extradition Bill, Protestors’ demands, Implications of withdrawal, Future prospects...

Hepatitis B Control

Hepatitis B, WHO’s southeast Asia region, India’s case, Vaccination, Birth dose, Reasons for low…
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