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General Studies II Current Affairs

China - U.S. Relation

Trade war, South China Sea, COVID-19, Xi-Biden, Areas of conflict, Recent developments

Manipur: A case for asymmetric federalism

Asymmetric federalism , Art.31C, Manipur’s case, Autonomous District Council, Decentralisation, Au…

US-North Korean Nuclear and Missile Diplomacy

1994 Agreed Framework, NPT, CTBT, Deterrence theory, North Korea test fires, Yongbyon complex

Indian Pharma Industry - Need for Innovation Focus

Significance, Shortcomings, Priorities, Need for innovation, Limitations, Measures needed

Land Ports - Border Trade

Land Ports Authority of India, Achievements so far, Role of LPAI, Significance of land ports

Refining the Reservation Policy

Reservation, EWS, 10%, 10.5%, 105th Amendment, 102nd  Constitution Amendment etc UPSC

Karbi Anglong Agreement

Kukis, Dimasas, Garos, Rengma Nagas, Tiwas and Karbis, Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council, Sixth Sche…

Spirit of Federalism

State List, Concurrent list, Cooperative federalism, Sarkaria Commission Report UPSC

Judicial Role in Improved Lawmaking

deliberation in Parliament, presumption of constitutionality', constitutional democracy UPSC

Understanding the Foreign Policy doctrine of Biden Era

Afghanistan War, Taliban Era, NATO, counter-terrorism project UPSC



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