Disaster Managment Current Affairs

Anaj Mandi Fire Tragedy - Delhi

Shortcomings identified, Larger concerns, Measures to be taken...

Coalition for Disaster Resilient Infrastructure (CDRI)

It is Delhi diplomacy to fight disaster

Godavari boat capsize

As past lessons remain unlearnt, man-made tragedies recur with alarming regularity

The Transnational Challenge of Climate Change

Amazon fires, Countries’ stances, Climate change causes, Land management, Way forward

Kerala Landslides - Gadgil Panel Recommendations

Floods and landslides, Gadgil panel recommendations, Devolution of powers, Way forward

Urban planning: Building resilient cities for the future

Building cities that can swiftly bounce back to normalcy post a disaster

Dealing with Rains and Floods

Monsoon rains, Threats, Concerns, Measures needed

Surat Fire Tragedy

More than 20 students died in a massive fire in a Surat coaching centre.

Lessons from Fani Cyclone - Climate-risked World

Cyclone Fani indicated an increasingly climate-risked world.

Cyclone Fani - An Unusual Storm

A powerful cyclonic storm named Fani is headed towards the Odisha coast.
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