Services Exports exceeding Merchandise Exports

Current exports scenario, Evolution of services trade, India’s advantages, Challenges

Automobile sales slump

This slump reflects a pervasive lack of demand

Possibility of Global Recession

Germany's growth scenario, US-China trade war, Global recession, India's case

Negative rate policy

An attractive option for some countries’ central banks

GDP Calculation

Changes to National Account Statistics, Back series data, Arvind Subramanian's observation

US-China trade war might lead to a global recession

A research done at Morgan Stanley, a leading investment bank

Balancing Procurement and Distribution - MSP and PDS

Concern with crop prices, Effect of procurement and distribution, Way out

Misleading Fiscal Deficit

The way to judge the government’s fiscal behaviour needs a change

E-Commerce Guidelines for Consumer Protection 2019

Key guidelines, Rationale, and Challenges

RBI Rate Cut and Growth Projection

Repo rate cut, GDP growth downward revision
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