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General Studies III Current Affairs

India’s Import Duty Cut on Cooking Oils

Duty reduction on edible oils, edible oil imports in India, balance between producers and consumers,…

Squaring off again in the Himalayan Heights: India China Deadlock

China’s aggressiveness, Doklam stand-off, Military modernisation, Power competition in the Indo-Pa…

Engaging the Taliban: The Moscow Format

The Moscow Format, Extended Troika, Terrorism, Taliban takeover, India’s engagement with Taliban

National Medical Commission Advisory on LGBTQIA+

NMC advisory, Role of Madras HC, Textbook content, Significance of the ruling, Tasks ahead

Prelim Bits 21-10-2021 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Bio-enzymes from Kinnow, Kushinagar, Dust Mitigation Measures at C&D Site, Perfluoroalkyl and Polyfl…

Election of Deputy Speaker

Dispute in UP, Article 93, Article 178, Deputy speaker - Powers, tenure, Disqualification, Other pro…

Global Minimum Corporate Tax Deal

Tax haven, profit shifting, double taxation avoidance agreements, Equalisation levy, Digital Service…

The Carbon Markets Conundrum at COP26

Article 6 of Paris agreement, Kyoto protocol, carbon markets, CDM transition, UNFCCC COP26

GMO Rice from India Withdrawn in EU

GM crops, benefits and drawbacks of GM crops, Genetic engineering appraisal committee (GEAC), Bt cot…

Prelim Bits 20-10-2021 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Maharajah Collection, Impacts of Shrinking Summer Sea Ice, Idukki Reservoir Opened, Enhanced Powers …



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