‘Green Bonus’ Demand of Himalayan States

Green Bonus Demand, Larger issue with Himalayan region, Colonial Legacy, India’s present scenario

Air pollution in Delhi drops 25% in four years

How did the city achieve this? What worked?

Climate needs Global Solution

The solution is differential global carbon tax, a Robin Hood tax

Restoration of Degraded Land - UNCCD

India’s commitment, Significance of afforestation, failure of carbon credit market etc

The Transnational Challenge of Climate Change

Amazon fires, Countries’ stances, Climate change causes, Land management, Way forward

Composite Water Management Index 2.0

Composite water management index, Objectives, Highlights, Way forward...

Amazon Fires and World Climate

Current Amazon fires, Oxygen Supply, Heat-trapping, Impact of deforestation...

India must act quickly on the IPCC report 2018

Many other countries are acting as per the report’s suggestions

Kerala Landslides - Gadgil Panel Recommendations

Floods and landslides, Gadgil panel recommendations, Devolution of powers, Way forward

Worrisome Amazon fires

Deforestation could transform the great Amazon to a Savanna
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