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Boosting Indian Aviation Sector

Indian Aviation Sector, Status of aviation sector, UDAN Scheme, National Civil Aviation Policy, DGCA

Impact of G-7’s Infrastructure Plan on India

G7 Summit, Partnership for Global Infrastructure and Investment (PGII), Blue Dot Network Initiative,…

Need for a National Plan on Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety, Power sector in India, Electrical accidents, CEA, Electrical safety regulations

The Sela Tunnel – Importance and the strategic edge it promises

Sela Tunnel and its significance

Improving Cold Chain Systems

Cold Chain Systems, Pandemic, Universal Immunization Programme, cold chain management, eVIN

Boosting Container Cargo Traffic

Container Cargo Traffic, Transshipment, Indian ports, Loss of revenue on container cargo, transshipm…

The Goal of an Energy-Secure South Asia

Energy security in South Asia, renewable energy, Energy and SDG, electrification, green energy, Powe…

Downstream Aluminium for building Smart Cities

Downstream Aluminium, Smart Cities, Smart Cities Mission, Role of aluminium in building eco-friendly…

Disparity in allocation of power between different states

On an Equal Footing, Disparity in allocation of power between different states, Disparity in opport…

Protest against Kerala’s SilverLine project

Kerala’s Silver Line project, Key features, Protest by people, Concerns,



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