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Stocking Petroleum

Govt will boost the petroleum stocks in India’s strategic reserve

Punjab’s Decision on Fuel Prices

Punjab government in its third budget announced a cut of Rs.5 and Rs.1 per litre on petrol and diese…

Job Potentials - Pre- and Post-1991 Reforms

India falls short of taking advantage of its talented young population and low wages in labour inten…

Towards Electric mobility

Despite policy uncertainties, companies in the transportation sector are spending big on infra and R…

Addressing the Concerns in Indian Steel Industry

India has to improve its technology, logistics and production methods to become a global leader in s…

Water Management in Cities - Bengaluru and Cauvery

The recent SC verdict in Cauvery dispute made some changes to the earlier tribunal's order with resp…

Commercial Coal Mining Reforms

Union government has introduced commercial coal mining reform to address inefficient end-user usabil…

India's Oil Diplomacy

Addressing Food Wastage

Corporate Social Responsibility in India



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