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S & T Current Affairs

Banks on Cybersecurity

Threats of digital banking, malware attacks, Data analytics and machine learning for cyber resilienc…

Hybrid Cloud and the Remote Reality

IT infrastructure, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud platform UPSC

Space Junk

Yunhai 1-02, junk leftover, Mission Shakti, DRDO, China’s 2007 ASAT test, Kessler syndrome etc

DNA Fingerprinting : Concerns in conviction of criminals

DNA databases, DNA profiles, DNA Technology (Use and Application) Regulation Bill UPSC

India’s Strengths in the era of Distributed Intelligence

Distributed intelligence, Need, Edge computing, India’s strengths, Scopeful sectors

e-RUPI & Welfare Schemes

e-RUPI, QR Code, Features, Advantages, Potential platforms for use in public and private sector

Need for an Official Digital Currency

RBI’s recent statement, Global scenario with digital currencies, India’s moves, Challenges invol…

Building Cyber Resilience

Recent cyber attacks on the U.S., Changing trend, latest methodologies, healthcare sector, Data prot…

Genome sequencing in Pandemic Response

Significance of genome sequencing, Measures so far, Steps ahead, Delta variant

5G Trials

Starting the trails for 5G technology



Upsc Mains 2020