Measures to Promote E-Vehicles

Union Budget 2019 has announced a bold move to make a transition to electric vehicles, and offered a…

Potential of Grid Connected Solar Irrigation

Grid-connected solar irrigation offers farmers an additional income source.

Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency Norms – Vehicular Pollution

CAFE (Corporate Average Fuel Efficiency/Economy) norms aim at lowering fuel consumption of vehicles.

Need for Solar Manufacturing Strategy in India

An overview of India's solar manufacturing potentials and shortfalls.

Retuning the Coal Sector

The government recently gave some details on coal mining to the Rajya Sabha

Towards Electric mobility

Despite policy uncertainties, companies in the transportation sector are spending big on infra and R…

Concerns in Biofuel Plans

The Union Government's plans and proposals on the production and use of biofuel have given rise to s…

Flaws in our Bio-fuel Program

Pollutions levels and fuel prices are only increasing despite various policies

Clean Energy for Rural Economy

Lack of access to electricity remains a huge barrier for rural businesses.

Concerns in Achieving Renewable Energy Targets

Policy tweaks and incentives are needed to meet the renewable energy targets.
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