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Bringing MSMEs into Sustainable Global Value Chains

MSMEs, Global Value Chains, Significance of MSMEs, Issues in MSMEs, Digital Saksham, Udyam, ASEEM

India’s VPN Rules

Virtual servers, Virtual Private Network (VPN), Banning VPNs, Cyber security

Problems plaguing Thermal Power Generators

India’s coal sector, Power crisis, Coal shortage, Coal import, Issues with discoms, Gencos, Issues…

FPIs’ Market Exit

FPI, Capital flight, Tight money policy in the US, Risks with FPI, Impact of capital flight, DII inf…

Towards a single low tax regime

There is a lot of confusion and complexity in the existing GST regime, which can be prevented using …

The worldwide oil-refining crunch

Across the globe, there is a shortage of oil refining processes which has led to increase in the fue…

India’s Emerging Twin Deficit Problem

Fiscal deficit, Current account deficit, Stagflation, Economic growth, Deficits

A New Global Standard for AI Ethics

Artificial Intelligence (AI), Recommendation on the Ethics of AI, AI Ethics, National Strategy on AI…

Windfall Tax

Crude oil price rise, windfall tax, fertiliser subsidy, inflation, Taxing Oil companies

Recasting India’s Environmental Policies

Environmental Performance Index (EPI), PARI score, ISFI 2021, Biome protection, Air quality



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