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General Studies III Current Affairs

Catching up with China and South Korea in Electronics

National Policy on Electronics 2019 , India’s position, Issues in electronics sector, MSIPS, PMP, …

T+1 settlement system

Working of T+1, T+2, Opposition by FPIs, Global scenario

Hamletian dilemma of monetary policy

MPC, Growth vs Inflation, Flexible Inflation Targeting

Beyond the Edible Oil Mission

NEOMP, MSP for oilseeds, Oil imports, Government measures, Palm oil

Hybrid Cloud and the Remote Reality

IT infrastructure, public cloud, private cloud, hybrid cloud platform UPSC

El Salvador’s gamble on Bitcoin

Cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin as a legal tender, Reasons for the crash, India’s view

Production Linked Incentive Scheme for Textile Sector

Attract fresh investment, Prioritise backward areas, National Technical Textiles Mission

Fossil Fuel Extraction and Global Warming

Paris climate goal, Current level of fossil fuel extraction, Unextracted reserves, harmful effects o…

Impossible task of taming the Rupee

Reasons for Rupee’s weakness, RBI’s net purchasal of Dollars, RBI’s dilemma,

Land Ports - Border Trade

Land Ports Authority of India, Achievements so far, Role of LPAI, Significance of land ports



Upsc Mains 2020