Health Current Affairs

The Right Vaccine Policy

Significance of vaccines, Need for vaccine policy, Priorities, Rural focus, Vaccine policy

India’s Revised Covid-19 Vaccination Policy

Earlier policy, Concerns, New policy, Rationale...

Calculating the exact mortality figures

Capturing the true scale of the deaths will help in better planning

Containing the Rural COVID-19 Spread

People in the rural areas need to be convinced about vaccination

Preparing for a third COVID-19 wave

There is a need for greater transparency, coordination between Centre & states to combat the pandemi…

Brain Drain among Indian health workers

India needs systematic changes in healthcare sector

Demand Shock - Impact of the Pandemic

State of the Economy, Demand shock, Future challenges, Way forward

Overhauling the WHO

COVID panel says there is a need to overhaul WHO

Revisiting the Vaccine Policy

Centre must procure 100% vaccine doses which can then be equitably disbursed to states

Court steps in COVID Mitigation Strategy

Judicial action to mitigate a crisis cannot be considered as overreach
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