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Prelim Bits 07-01-2023| UPSC Daily Current Affairs

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January 07, 2023


The Ottanthullal, traditional art form of Kerala that has a history of over 300 years was performed in Kerala School Kalolsavam 2023.

  • Ottanthullal (or Thullal, in short) is recite-and-dance art-form of Kerala.
  • Thullal was introduced in the 18th century by the famous Malayalam poet Kunchan Nambiar (1705 - 1770).
  • Thullal follows the classical principles of Natyasasthra (a treatise on art compiled in the 2nd century B.C.E).
  • It is famous for its humour and social satire, and marked by its simplicity.
  • It has spawned into three separate versions
    1. Ottanthullal
    2. Seethankan thullal
    3. Parayan thullal
  • Ottanthullal is the most popular among the three varieties of Thullal.
  • It is epitomized by humour, satire and social criticism.
  • The performance use elaborate expressions and stories recited in verses to bring important mythological tales and stories to life.
  • The costume and makeup of the performer are similar to that of a Kathakali artist.
  • Thullal is performed at temple festivals and cultural programmes.
  • The Thullal performer is supported by a singer who repeats the verses and is accompanied by an orchestra of mridangam or thoppimaddalam (percussions) and cymbals.


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  2. Kerala Tourism - Ottanthullal

Women U.N. Peacekeepers

India is set to deploy India’s largest single unit of women peacekeepers as part of a battalion to the United Nations Interim Security Force in Abyei.

  • The Indian contingent, comprising of two officers and 25 other ranks, will form part of an engagement platoon and specialise in community outreach.
  • The team will be deployed as part of a battalion to the United Nations Interim Security Force in Abyei.


  • Abyei is on the border between South Sudan and Sudan.
  • The contingent will remain deployed in Abyei for a period of 6 months.
  • The team will provide relief and assistance to women and children in one of the most challenging terrain conditions under the U.N. flag.
  • This is India’s largest single unit of women peacekeepers in a UN Mission.

India deployed the first-ever all women’s contingent from the Central Reserve Police Force in Liberia in 2007 as part of United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

  • Women peacekeepers are highly regarded for their ability to reach out and connect with women and children in local population, especially victims of sexual violence in conflict zones.

UN Peacekeeping Mission

  • UN Peacekeeping Mission is a joint effort between the UN Department of Peace Operations and the Department of Operational Support.
  • It aims to assist host countries to transition from situations of conflict to peace.
  • The UN began its Peacekeeping efforts in 1948 when it deployed military observers to West Asia.
  • The UN Peacekeepers provide security as well as political and peace-building support to conflict-ridden countries.

India is one of the largest troop-contributing nations to the U.N. peacekeeping missions.


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Kuki-Chin Refugees

Several Kuki-Chin community refugees from Bangladesh were pushed back from Mizoram.

  • Kuki-Chin is a Christian community from Bangladesh’s Chittagong hill tracts.
  • They share close ethnic ties with people in Mizoram.
  • The Chins of Myanmar, the Mizos of Mizoram and the Kukis of Bangladesh are of the same ancestry and belongs to the Kuki ethnic group native to the Mizo hills.
  • They are collectively called the Zo people.
  • The Kuki Chin people are settled in the Chittagong Hill tracts, the only extensive hill area in Bangladesh that lies in the South-eastern part of the country.
  • The Chittagong hills borders Myanmar on the southeast, Tripura on the north, Mizoram on the east and the Chittagong district in west.
  • Mizoram shares a 318 km stretch of international border with Bangladesh.
  • Due to the clashes between Bangladesh Rifles troops and Kuki-Chin insurgent groups in Bangladesh, the chin-kuki-mizo-refugees have fled.


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  2. North East Live - Who are the Kuki Chins?

Indira Point

On his visit to Andaman & Nicobar Islands, Defence Minister visited Indira Point.

The northern most point of India is called Indira Col, located in the Union territory of Ladakh.

  • Indira Point is the southernmost tip of India, located in the Great Nicobar Island.
  • Indira Point was earlier known as the Pygmalion Point.


  • It was renamed as the Indira Point by the Ex-Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi.
  • Indira Point is along the Great Channel, popularly referred to as the ‘Six Degree Channel’.
  • The Great channel is a major shipping lane for international traffic.
  • The Indira Point has light house which is one of the most important points that guides trade ships, naval ships and even local fishing ships.
  • The Indira Point had subsided by about 4.25 meters under water lowering the light house along with, during the 2004 tsunami.


  1. PIB - Raksha Mantri Shri Rajnath Singh visits Indira Point
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Y20 Summit

Youth Affairs and Sports Minister launched the themes of the Y20 summit, logo, and website in the curtain raiser event of Y20 Summit India.

  • Youth 20 (Y20) is the official youth Engagement Group of G20.
  • It provides a platform that allows youth to express their vision and ideas on the G20 priorities.
  • India is hosting the Y20 summit for the first time.
  • The activities to be undertaken by Y20 during India’s presidency will focus on global youth leadership and partnership.
  • 5 Themes of Y20
    1. Future of Work: Industry 4.0, Innovation & 21st Century skills,
    2. Climate Change and Disaster Risk Reduction: Making Sustainability a way of life,
    3. Peacebuilding and Reconciliation: Ushering in an era of No War,
    4. Shared Future: Youth in Democracy and Governance and Health,
    5. Wellbeing and Sports: Agenda for Youth.
  • In a run-up to the final Youth-20 Summit, for the next 8 months, there will be Pre summits on the 5 Y20 themes.


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