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Prelim Bits 27-04-2023 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

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April 27, 2023

World Development Report 2023

The World Development Report 2023 was recently released by World Bank

  • It is an annual report released by World Bank.
  • This Report provides a comprehensive analysis of international migration and its potential to serve as a force for growth and shared prosperity in all countries.
  • It proposes an integrated framework to maximize the development impacts of cross-border movements on both destination and origin countries and on migrants and refugees themselves.
  • The framework rests on a Match and Motive matrix.
  • Match - How closely migrants’ skills and attributes match the needs of destination countries.
  • Motive - What motives underlie their movements.
  • Key Findings – A large share of migrants and refugees live in low- and middle-income countries.
  • The report finds that 120% income gain for Indians going to work overseas compared to a 40% rise in case of internal migration.
  • Top Migration Corridors - India-US, India-GCC and Bangladesh-India, Mexico-US, China-US, Philippines-US and Kazakhstan-Russia.
  • The share of working-age adults will drop sharply in many countries over the next few decades.
  • Mostly developing and poor countries like India are witnessing a rise in young population, while the developed countries have crossed that phase as depopulation has set in.



Down to Earth | World  Development Report 2023

Thirunelly Temple

The Indian National Trust for Art and Cultural Heritage (INTACH) has urged the government to conserve the historically significant structures including the 600-year-old ‘Vilakkumadom’.

  • Thirunelly temple is dedicated to Lord Maha Vishnu and is famous for paying homage to their ancestors.
  • It is the only temple in the world where the devotees can perform all the rituals related to one’s life, starting from birth to death and life after death.
  • The rituals are performed on the banks of the stream Papanasini which flows down from Mount Brahmagiri.
  • The Vilakku Maadam and the Karingal Paathi in this temple are testimony to the exemplary artistic skills of that time.
  • Vilakkumadom in this temple refers to a traditional lamp sculpted from stone and Karingal Paathi refers to a granite water channel.
  • Chuttambalam (also known as Nalambalam) is a building constructed around the sanctum sanctorum of Kerala temples.
  • It is the outermost periphery of the temple through which the devotees circumambulate the main shrine.


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Mahila Samman Savings Certificate Scheme

Union Minister for Women and Child Development and Minority Affairs opened a MahilaSamman Savings Certificate (MSSC) account by visiting SansadMarg Head Post Office

Salient features of the scheme

  • It is a one-time new small savings scheme for women and girl child.
  • It was announced by the Union government in the Budget 2023- 24.
  • The scheme will offer a maximum deposit facility of up to Rs.2 lakh in the name of women or girls for two years at a fixed interest rate.
  • The 2-year tenure scheme offers an attractive interest rate of 7.5%  compounded quarterly with flexible investment.
  • It also has partial withdrawal options with a maximum ceiling of Rs 2 lakh.
  • The Mahila Samman Savings Certificate scheme was announced to commemorate the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsav.


PIB │ MahilaSamman Saving Certificate Scheme

Shingrix Vaccine

GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Pharma has announced the launch of Shingrix vaccine in India for the prevention of shingles (herpes zoster) and post-herpetic neuralgia in adults aged 50 years and above.


  • Shingrix is the world’s first non-live, recombinant subunit vaccine to be intramuscularly in two doses.
  • Shingles is caused by the reactivation of the varicella zoster virus (VZV), same virus that causeschickenpox.
  • Those suffering from diabetes, heart disease and kidney diseases are at an increased risk of developing shingles because of weakened immunity.
  • It was approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and European Commission.


Times of India │ Shingrix

SWAGAT Initiative

Gujarat government is celebrating SWAGAT Saptah, on successful completion of 20 years of the initiative.

About the initiative

  • The main purpose of this programme was to act as a bridge between the citizens and the government using technology by solving their day-to-day grievances.
  • SWAGAT brought about a transformative impact in the lives of people and became an effective tool to solve woes in a paperless, transparent and hassle-free manner.
  • The uniqueness of SWAGAT is that it helps common man air his grievances directly to the Chief Minister.
  • It is held on the fourth Thursday of every month wherein the Chief Minister interacts with citizens for grievance redressal.
  • It is ensured that every applicant is informed of the decision. Proceedings of all applications are available online.
  • More than 99% of grievances submitted till date have been resolved.
  • The SWAGAT Online Programme has been given various awards over the years, including the United Nations Public Service Award in 2010 for improving transparency, accountability and responsiveness in public service.


PIB |  SWAGAT Initiative

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