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December 29, 2016


Panel on changing financial year

  • A government-appointed panel, headed by former chief economic adviser Shankar Acharya, has recommended changing the financial year from the current April to March to the calendar year.


China’s Remote Sensing Satellite

  • China plans to form a BeiDou network consisting of 35 satellites for global navigation services by 2020.
  • BeiDou is expected to compete with America’s Global Positioning system.
  • China successfully launched a pair of high-resolution remote sensing satellites SuperView-1 01/02 to get commercial images.
  • The satellite is launched on the back of a Long March 2D rocket and they are able to provide commercial images at 0.5-meter resolution.


New RBI Deputy Governor

  • The Centre has appointed Viral V Acharya as a Deputy Governor of the Reserve Bank of India, for a three-year term.
  • As in-charge of monetary policy, he will become a part of the six-member interest-rate setting monetary policy committee.


Black carbon and Brown Carbon

  • Black Carbon is inorganic in nature consisting of soot particles that directly come out of combustion processes.
  • Brown Carbon or organic carbon comes from complex organic reactions in the airborne atmospheric particles. This includes
    • Tar materials form smoldering fires or coal combustion.
    • Breakdown products from biomass burning.
    • A mixture of organic compounds emitted from soil and volatile organic compounds given off by vegetation.
  • Both Black carbon and Brown carbon absorbs sunlight and thus in turn warms the atmosphere and when inhaled, causes severe health hazards.
  • Black carbon absorbs light in the visible spectrum whereas Brown carbon is light brown in colour and absorbs light in the ultraviolet region.
  • Brown Carbon leads to the formation of ground level ozone in the atmosphere.


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