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Prelim Bits 01-07-2022 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Diabetes, Prosopagnosia, iGOT Karmayogi, Yasuni National Park, ISRO’s POEM Platform

Government’s Small Savings Rate

Small Savings Schemes, NSSF, Unchanged small savings rates, Negative real rate of return, Deposit ra…

Role of Endorsers in Advertisements

Consumer Protection Act, CCPA, Brand ambassadors/Endorsers, Guidelines for Prevention of Misleading …

Selfish Rich Inequality Hypothesis

Inequality, Selfish Rich Inequality Hypothesis, Gallup World Poll, India Corruption Report (2019), S…

Prelim Bits 30-06-2022 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Artificial Photosynthesis, Blue Deal, Kaliningrad, Ecofascism, Gemcovac-19, Mattewara Forest

Hate Speech vs Free Speech

Zubair’s arrest, Curbing free speech, Selective targeting, Democratic barbarism, majoritarianism, …

The Political Crisis in Maharashtra – Part 1

Anti-defection law, Role of Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Governor in antidefection, Kihoto Hollohan c…

The Case of Udaipur Killing

Udaipur Killing, Nupur Sharma issue, Communal violence, Da’wat-e-Islami, Research Case Officer Sch…

Prelim Bits 29-06-2022 | UPSC Daily Current Affairs

Project 17A, Nadaprabhu Kempegowda, Kihoto Hollohan Judgment, Special & Differential Treatment, Part…

Controversies with the Gun Laws

U.S. Gun Laws, Second Amendment of the U.S. Constitution, Texas shooting, Arms Act



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