January 10, 2019
7 months


  • The Reserve Bank of India’s (RBI) decided to allow card payment providers to offer tokenization services.
  • This will ensure the safety of digital transactions and reduce chances of fraud.
  • Tokenisation is expected to increase digital transactions in India.
  • Tokenisation involves a process in which a unique token masks sensitive card details like card and CVV number.
  • The token is used to perform card transactions in contactless mode at Point Of Sale (POS) terminals, Quick Response (QR) code payments, etc.
  • Tokenisation is the foundational aspect of taking payment security and safety to the next level by devaluing data and replacing payment credentials with tokens.
  • The way the token will work is like this — the debit or credit card holder will create a code for a particular amount, say Rs. 500, through an app in the form of a number.
  • That number will have the amount that can be spent, the merchant type where it can be spent as well as time within which the transaction needs to be completed.
  • Then the number can be shared with the merchant who will enter it in the mobile, to get the payment for the items sold.


  • Recombinant Enzyme-linked immune sorbent assay (ELISA) kits are for Glanders and Equine Infectious Anaemia.
  • It was developed by ICAR-National Research Centre on Equines.
  • Both these diseases are notifiable diseases in India and require special diagnosis for control and eradication in the country.
  • Glanders is a fatal infectious and notifiable disease of equines like horses, donkeys and mules.
  • It is caused by a bacterium known as Burkholderia mallei and has zoonotic potential.
  • Equine infectious anaemia (EIA) is a chronic, debilitating and persistent infectious disease of equines caused by a retrovirus.

First Swadesh Darshan project in Meghalaya

  • Development of North East Circuit: Umiam (Lake View) - U Lum Sohpetbneng- Mawdiangdiang - Orchid Lake Resort was recently inaugurated.
  • It is implemented under Swadesh Darshan Scheme (SDS).
  • SDS is one of the flagship schemes of the Ministry of Tourism for development of thematic circuits in the country in a planned and prioritized manner.
  • Lake Umiam is a part of a dam, constructed as a first Hydel Power Project in this North-East Indian State.
  • U Lum Sohpetbneng is a legendary mountain peak  which symbolizes the deep rooted spiritual belief of the Hynniewtrep – the seven huts people.
  • The Seven Huts people are predominating in the West Khasi Hills, East Khasi Hills, Ri-Bhoi and Jiantia Hills districts of East Meghalaya.

Know India Program (KIP)

  • The KIP is a 25-day orientation program organized by the Ministry of External Affairs in partnership with the states of India.
  • It is an initiative of the Government of India with an aim to engage the students and young professionals of Indian Diaspora.
  • The participants are in the age group of 18 to 30.
  • The program aims to connect them with their motherland.
  • The main objective is to motivate and inspire young minds and to give them an exposure to various aspects of India’s art, heritage and culture.
  • It also aims to promote awareness about different facets of life in the country and the progress made by India in various fields.
  • KIP provide a unique forum for students & young professionals of Indian origin to visit India, share their views, expectations & experiences and to develop closer bonds with the contemporary India.

Web-Wonder Women

  • The Ministry of Women and Child Development, Government of India, has launched an online campaign, ‘#www : Web- WonderWomen’.
  • The Campaign aims to discover and celebrate the exceptional achievements of women, who have been driving positive agenda of social change via social media.
  • The Campaign invites Entries via Nominations from across the world.
  •  The shortlisted entries will be open for public voting on Twitter and the finalists will be selected by a specialized panel of judges.


Source: PIB, The Hindu

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