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May 02, 2018
2 years

What is the issue?

  • Indian PM Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping had an informal meet recently in the Chinese city of Wuhan.
  • China's assent to going for an informal summit with India needs a deeper analysis in the prevailing geo-political scenario.

What was China's possible motive?

  • India by itself may not be a serious problem for China.
  • But China regards India as a potential ally of the US and Japan against China.
  • The border is in control of the Chinese if they wish to exercise it.
  • It's because they are on higher slopes and have more troops there.
  • But arresting India’s potential drift towards the US and its allies is in China's interest.
  • Being informal, no documentary evidence was required for any agreements of great significance.
  • So an informal summit was a low-cost, high-benefit option for China.

What do post summit statements suggest?

  • Statements made by Xi Jinping after the summit, clearly indicate the above motives.
  • Strategic perspective - He emphasised that India and China should look at their relations from a strategic perspective.
  • This is clearly in mention of India's increasingly closer ties with the US.
  • Further, compared to India, China takes Japan more seriously.
  • There is possibility for a clash in the East China and South China Seas.
  • Japan and India, by themselves would not worry China.
  • But the combined might of the US and Japan would be a serious blow to the Chinese.
  • Economy - Economic development also appeared in the post-summit statements.
  • The Chinese do not think they need India for its development.
  • However, deeper economic relations with India could be viewed as a means to an end.
  • A means to ensure that India does not drift off into a US-Japan-India strategic triangle.
  • Civilisation - Xi also stressed on a deeper and wider exchange between the two great civilisations.
  • Generally, to talk about India’s civilisation is a good diplomacy.

How does it benefit India?

  • Until the 2019 elections, the government in power would prefer to avoid any border threats.
  • This is particularly in relation with problems with Pakistan.
  • India used the summit as a kind of assurance from the Chinese.
  • It is to ensure that China, as Pakistan’s benefactor, did not interfere on the border.

What does the summit mean for Pakistan?

  • Post-summit statements suggested that India and China should pursue “a joint economic project” in Afghanistan.
  • India cannot take up its Afghanistan projects all alone.
  • This would invite attacks from the Taliban, supported by Pakistani military.
  • But the Taliban would not attack joint China-India projects.
  • This is because the Pakistanis would not allow that to happen.
  • Pakistan is too indebted to China, and China has its own interests in Pakistan.
  • China is building a port there, and there is a China-Pakistan economic corridor, serving Chinese interests.


Source: Indian Express


Quick Fact


  • Wuhan is the capital city of Hubei Province in central China.
  • It has been a major industrial city for a long time.
  • The 1911 Republican revolution started there.
  • An informal summit would normally take place in a place other than Beijing or Shanghai, and Wuhan was a natural choice.


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