August 04, 2018
12 months

What is the issue?

  • Mere anti-lynching laws are less likely to be enough to curtail the menace effectively.
  • Battling the mob phenomenon needs conscious political campaigning against discriminatory and xenophobic attitudes. 

What are the recent developments regarding mob violence? 

  • SC Verdict - The Supreme Court (SC) has expressed shock over the spree of mob violence incidents that have occurred in various regions.
  • The SC observed that it is the responsibility of the States to prevent untoward incidents and issued certain guidelines to be implemented.
  • Further, the court noted that what may have started out as isolated acts by fundamentalist right-wing groups has now become a widespread malaise.
  • Guidelines - The preventive guidelines of the SC require every State to designate a senior police officer as the Nodal Officer in each district.
  • This officer has to collect intelligence regarding the spread of hateful provocative ideas and fake news and also stop their dissemination.
  • Additionally, governments have been directed to carry out publicity campaigns against mob vigilantism and violence through media channels.
  • The guidelines have also made an effort to streamline and fast-track investigations into future incidences and to support the family of the victims.

What is way ahead?

  • Most cases of lynching seem to be premeditated acts attempting to change the social and cultural narrative in India on polarising lines.  
  • Lack of employment opportunities is helping deep-seated insecurities to take root among young people, aiding the spread of a fundamentalist agenda.
  • Considering the context, there is a need to comprehensively deal with the deep-rooted hate which appears to have set in with an innovative approach.
  • This malicious phenomenon cannot be fought merely through court directives or laws.
  • Nurturing an inclusive political agenda is the need of the hour. 


Source: The Hindu

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