S & T Current Affairs

Genome India Project

A look at the objectives, scale and the diversity of this project

Vyommitra: A Half-humanoid

Vyommitra will fly to space on an unmanned mission later in 2020

Indian Cobra Genome Decoded

Provides a blueprint for developing more effective anti-venom

Commercialisation of ISRO

Launching Cartosat-3 with other satellites - ISRO’s major milestone

Contract for the Web

This has principles for governments, private companies and individuals

Space Internet

Provides low-cost and reliable Internet services to the world

Cyber Attacks on Kudankulam Nuclear Unit

Malware attack, Threats, Challenges to security, Measures, Way forward

Israeli spyware Pegasus

Surveillance was carried out using a spyware tool

Edge Computing

Next level of the Cloud computing

Genetically-modified organisms

Public opinion on genetic tech is mostly at the mercy of media headlines
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