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Small Cats and its Significance

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April 03, 2023

Why in news?

Recently, Global Tiger Forum (GTF) has launched small wild cats conservation programme in India for the protection of small cats.

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What are small cats?


  • Evolution -The evolution of small wild cats started some 35 to 28.5 million years ago.
  • Family -Small wild cats are member of the cat family (Felidae).
  • Uniqueness -Small cats are distinguished from the big cats by their ossified hyoid bones.
  • The ossification of bones linked to the sound box permits small cats only to “purr” and not roar like their larger relative.
  • Weight -Small in size with a maximum weight of 25 kg.
  • Gestation period - 70 to 90 days.
  • International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) -The IUCN red listing for India’s small cat species ranges from “least concerned” to “near threatened”.
  • Distribution -Globally 41 species of small wild cats are recognized and 11 of these are from India.

11 species of small wild cats in India

Clouded leopard

Leopard cat

Rusty-spotted cat

Asian golden cat

Asiatic wild cat

Eurasian lynx

Fishing cat

Jungle cat


Marbled cat

Pallas’s cat (manul)

What is the significance of small cats?

  • Mid position -In the ecological food web, mid position makes them closer to both plants as well as top predators.
  • Transfer - Ex-situ to in-situ transfer is easy and effective.
  • Indicators -Great surrogate indicators of biodiversity.
  • Sentinels of global change -Recognized as sentinels of global change.
  • Adaptations - Show all adaptations typical to all felids except clouded leopard which has acrobatic capability for an arboreal mode of life.
  • Unique role -Their role in ecosystem is equal to apex predator.
  • Ecologically diversity -Helps in protecting ecological diversity.
  • Habitats and niches -Have more species diversity as it occupies varied habitats and niches.
  • Stressors -The short lifespan, shorter gestation and high reproductive rates of small cats respond readily to stressors operating in a habitat.
  • Managerial interventions -Small cats along with other mesopredators act as a zoom lens for fine-scale managerial interventions.

What factors affect the population of small cats?

  • Loss of habitation
  • Increasing poaching
  • Revenge killing
  • Lack of protection by government
  • Lack of regulation bodies

What measures were taken for the conservation of small cats?

  • Landscape approach -Engagement with all stakeholders suck as government as well as non-governmental operating in the envisioned landscape to protect small cats.
  • This approach needs mutually-gainful reciprocal commitments based on a master plan.
  • This approach will bring in gains to both people and the ecosystem through a centrifugal approach.

Quick facts

Global Tiger Forum (GTF)

  • The GTF was formed in 1993 on recommendations from an international symposium on Tiger Conservation in New Delhi.
  • It is an international intergovernmental body exclusively set up for the conservation of tigers.
  • Out of the 13 tiger range countries, 7 are currently members of GTF which are Bangladesh, Bhutan, Cambodia, India, Myanmar, Nepal and Vietnam besides non-tiger range country U.K.
  • The secretariat is based in New Delhi, India.



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