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Religious Freedom Report 2020

USCIRF report characterised India as a ‘Country of Particular Concern’

Covid-19: Impact on Women

Impact of Covid-19 on women’s health, rights and freedoms could harm us all

Tablighi Jamaat Episode

India must use the lock down for full contact tracing

Violence in Delhi

Communal violence has severely affected by NCT of Delhi

None Of The Above (NOTA): A psychological Option

NOTA is more psychological than an empowering voter option

Permanent Commission to Women-in-Army

SC has asked the govt. to grant permanent commission to women in SSC

Ways to Treat a Child Witness

These ways can be known from international conventions and national laws

The Kashmir Pandit Tragedy

The return of the Kashmir Pandit looks as difficult as it ever did

Encounter in Hyderabad Rape-Murder Case

Extra-judicial killings, Concerns, NHRC’s guidelines, Supreme Court directions

Hyderabad Veterinarian Rape Case

Demands for changes, Existing legal provisions, Key convictions, Recent incidents, Way ahead
UPSC Prelims 2020