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Tension at the Tri-Junction

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June 29, 2017

Why in news?

Bhutan has protested to China over the construction of a road in disputed territory.
What is the source of the conflict?

  • Doklam plateau is a 269-sq km plateau in Bhutan, which overlooks the strategic Chumbi Valley.
  • The plateau is claimed by China.
  • Bhutan has a written agreement with China that pending the final resolution of the boundary issue, peace and tranquility should be maintained.
  • Now the construction of road raised concerns between Bhutan and China.

Why China is interested in the region?

  • The road, which passes through Bhutan’s territory, has significantly enhanced China’s military logistics in the region.
  • China is now in the process of extending the Beijing-Lhasa high speed railway line to Yadong, and is expected to begin test runs in less than two years.
  • China was reported to have Pressured Bhutan by saying it would not agree to a border deal until Bhutan allowed it to open a diplomatic mission in that country.

How India and China relation is affected by it?

  • The genesis the issue date back to the 1950, as tensions between China and India began to rise regarding the understanding of Mcmahon line
  • The present clash is due to involvement of Indian troops to train Bhutan’s armed forces.
  • They are also deploys alongside the Royal Bhutan Army to patrol its frontiers against China.
  • India has long had a presence along the Bhutan-China border.
  • But it has never acted in defence of its ally’s interests.
  • China accused Indian border guards of crossing into its territory to stop the construction of the road.

What is china’s stand on the issue?

  • China describes the construction of the border road as “legitimate”, maintaining that it was being built on Chinese territory that does not belong to India or Bhutan and no other country had the right to interfere.
  • China also feels that Bhutan is an internationally recognised country and its sovereignty is to be respected.
  • Even if the boundary is delimited, no third party should interfere and make irresponsible comments.
  • India was likely intended to avoid drawing Bhutan into the controversy.


Source: The Indian Express

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