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Current Affairs Magazine UPSC IAS Prelims:

Current Affairs Magazine UPSC is an integral part of Civil Services preparation. Unlike conventional subjects which have a fixed one source for reference, IAS Current affairs Magazine have multiple sources of reference which may lead to confusion among aspirants. Aspirants are usually advised to refer to newspapers like the Hindu, the Indian Express, etc., and Current Affairs magazines like Civilspedia.

What to go for - Newspaper or UPSC Current Affairs?

One can see many toppers recommending reading newspapers for getting success in the Civil Services examination. But what we may not know is that the wrong use of newspapers may lead to failure in the examination. This is because ill-advised aspirants spend too much time reading newspapers and do not extract the needed inputs from the newspaper thereby wasting time in unwanted portions of the newspaper. For every one aspirant clearing after studying newspaper diligently, there are hundreds of aspirants who have failed.

On the other hand, monthly IAS current affairs magazines prepared by reputed institutes like ours are done after referring to multiple sources which may be impossible for a single aspirant to do. UPSC Current Affairs magazines like Civilspedia provide information in the right amount without overloading the aspirant taking into account the limited time available for the aspirants. Thus, to provide the important news in the right amount, a good Current Affairs magazine UPSC is a must.

This does not mean that one should skip reading the newspaper. Newspaper preparation should be part of one’s UPSC Current Affair preparation, but one should be careful in it by not giving too much time. Also, one can supplement the preparation of Current Affairs from newspapers and magazines suiting their strategy.

Why is Civilspedia the best?

Of late, there are so many Current Affairs Magazines for current affairs, but the team at Shankar IAS The academy behind Civilspedia has been doing a commendable job. Started in 2005, Civilspedia has been among the best Current Affairs magazines for UPSC preparation.

The team behind Civilspedia is a mix of candidates who have seen the board and given mains multiple times. The magazine is also vetted by people in service and academic experts before being published. Further, a review of current affairs question over the years shows more than 90% of the Current affairs questions have come spot on from Civilspedia.

The sources of the Current Affairs Magazine UPSC are not only the newspapers but academic textbooks, magazines like Economic and Political Weekly, Frontline, Rajya Sabha TV discussions, and technical blogs. Further, concise background of the conventional topic is also provided which acts as a revision to the aspirant.

For Eg:

Please see the January 2022 Monthly Current Affairs magazine of Civilspedia where the The first article is on EWS Reservation. Though the news was regarding a central government affidavit on EWS in Supreme Court, UPSC may delve into the basics while asking questions. Hence our article on EWS is comprehensive in the sense that it covers

  1. Why in news – Current relevance
  2. Constitutional & Legal background of the EWS issue
  3. Criteria for EWS
  4. Recent Committee/ Its mandate/ Its recommendation
  5. What are the current concerns

As seen above, the articles are written with a perspective of helping an integrated preparation for Prelims and Mains. As prelims questions are getting more and more conceptual than factual, an aspirant needs to refer to a separate Prelims Current Affairs magazine if the aspirant gets hold of Civilspedia. In case of any topic which may require further probing by the aspirant, links are provided in the magazine itself to provide a detailed writeup on the same.

Also, you may have noticed that UPSC may ask questions on related topics and not on the actual topics which are in the news. For example, while the recent issue regarding the developing country status of China is burning, UPSC may ask about the relevant status of Bangladesh. Taking this into mind, Civilspedia has come up with a concept of Related links/ Similar links, where related / similar topics can also be referred to by the candidate.

Added to that, the current affairs magazine pdf also includes much-needed Multiple Choice Questions to self-evaluate yourselves with questions framed with the difficulty level of UPSC. The questions are followed by detailed explanations. The aim is to provide a one-stop solution for the best Current Affairs magazine and your search ends here. There cannot be a better Current Affairs magazine for UPSC!