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Gist of IDSA, October 2019

Following selective articles from the Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses (IDSA), providing an enhanced understanding on internal security and international relations, aimed at Mains …

Gist of IDSA, September 2019

China Rare Earth Elements   Indo- China M2M relations   Additional Allocations for Defense Services Re-Emergence of Balakot Terror Camps Pakistan’s Role in Trai…

Gist of IDSA, August 2019

Appointment of Chief of Defence Staff: A Historic Decision       CDS - A Pragmatic Blueprint Required for Implementation Indian Navy’s Annual HADR Exerc…

Gist of IDSA, July 2019

Key Takeaways from G-20 Summit         Hits and Misses of G20 Summit    Issues in Defense Budget Allocations    &…

Gist of IDSA, June 2019

Gist of IDSA, May 2019

Gist of IDSA, April 2019

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