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Bill Shiphr
July 24, 2020
9 months

Which income do you have? How did you achieve it


4 months


Sometimes when your business needs to be advertised, and I am currently using outsourcing customer service  which is helping to inform, to advertise, to answer all the questions and to operate with difficulties as well. Any business needs a solution, to be truly informed and supported by the clients.
In current situation it is a perfect solution to support business via special tools like social marketing and media like YouTube.

4 months

emmi brontz

I have a rather good income and the reason for it is that I started my own blog in instagram. It was a difficult decision for me,I hesitated for  a long time, I thought how can I get a big amount of followers, how to buy instagram followers, and how to make my blog popular. I took me 3 month when I got my first offer for advertisement and then I got my first income. Since that time I have regular offers which make my income high 

5 months


Well, I will not fully disclose the numbers, but very good. But when I work on two jobs, so to speak. In the evenings after my day job, I write presentation texts or take another part-time job online. Now I am slowly switching over to creating presentations. But for now, I pay these guys  Slide Peak extra for helping me in design and selection of presentations for my texts. And yes, this job can bring in more money than the main job. And the main one brings twice more than the minimum wage in the country;)