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April 14, 2020
1 year

I have passed my 12th class the last year,I Came To  Mukherjee Nagar as I passed, My family sent me here to prepare for 10 months, after which I left here, I want to prepare UPSC but I want all my friends to speak for the defence. Even thinking and preparing but I am unable to concentrate, I just want to do it. I have lost two of my attempt for airforce and one year of my career

Last year, my friend suggest me to take admission in Delhi University through distance mode which saved me 1 year and I changed my subject too from science to arts.


You tell me what i should do please help me

I just want to Do UPSC -CSE After graduation 

Please tell me how i start my preparation from zero to hero

How I Get Confidence To Clear exam

How I Tackle My Parents thinking which stops me very much because they think UPSC Is Not A Gurantee they feels my neighbours sons and relatives sons are got recommended in Defence With same age 


How i tell them a difference between A Constable Job And Civil Services Opportunities


please suggest your opinion and give answer according to your thinking By Considerd The Opinion and expectation of Every Parents To His Son


5 hours


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17 days


I'm sorry to hear that the pandemic had such a negative influence on you along with the world. I read on this website that during covid many people actually started learning languages. I even downloaded Duolingo since my job became distant and I had some time I used to spend on transport, but I haven't really learned Italian like I wanted to. 

17 days

Pim Clieff

Since you already know your goal and desire to achieve it, it won't be a problem for you to succeed. Covid ruined all my urge to learn languages, so I'm happy it didn't do the same to your plans!

4 months


The information is good, i need more, i'm still learning about it. scribble io

8 months

Kathy Bowing

It depends on your level of general awareness. Since you stated that you will be preparing for the optional writing custom exam even before the entrance exam, you have every chance of passing the exam even if you are preparing for the GS exams after the preliminary exam.

Based on the GS GS exam scheme over the past two years, apart from a balanced view of current affairs, only a basic understanding of static topics is expected. For example, this year's power grid asked about the factors behind the Industrial Revolution in England, not elsewhere in Europe.

As I said, if you are a well-informed, level-headed person, then be sure to start with the preliminary exams. However, if you think you are falling short, then prepare yourself now.

For example, let's just look at your English. Please don't take this as condescending or offensive. My only intention is to help.

If you are going to choose English as your native language, based on the description of your question, I see significant room for improvement. Remember that you will be up against hundreds of city candidates who can come up with a very good proposal to formulate their views. To live up to them, you need writing practice, which you cannot get in three to four months.

So, consider your strengths and weaknesses and assess them objectively.