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Chahal IAS Academy
November 07, 2019
2 years

Features of Chahal Academy Online IAS/UPSC Prelims + Main Exam Foundation Course:- 


Detailed coverage of both GS papers for UPSC prelims exam

Detailed coverage of GS-1, GS-2, GS-3, and GS-4 for UPSC main exam

Coverage of essay writing module

Availability of subject-wise module with coverage of each topic

All India Prelims Test Series (25 Tests) included

All India Current Affairs Test Series (21 Tests) included

All India NCERT Test Series (16 Tests) included

Special lecture series on answer writing practice

Access to the best lecturers anytime and anywhere

500+ hours of online lectures



2 months

Harold C Repass

Misconceptions about Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, submission and ranking is a new concept to so many of our clients and visitors to our site. They may have heard about it from a friend who has a Web site. Or, maybe their manager told them to investigate it as a potential source of traffic generation. Regardless how they find out about search engine optimization, they usually always have some preconceived notions about what they think search engine optimization really is -- and they are usually wrong. To dispel these myths, we've outlined the most common misconceptions about search engine optimization, submission and ranking:

We can do our own search engine optimization to save money.

A few of our clients have tried doing search engine optimization on their own. Their success was limited because, even though they may understand the importance of keywords and meta tags, they didn't understand how search engines work. We've mentioned this many times throughout our site: The search engines are always changing their algorithms and in order to keep your rankings, you have to be on top of those changes. Search engine optimization experts are constantly monitoring these changes and know how to adapt to them. Additionally, search engine optimization isn't something you do just once. It is a continuous process that most in-house technical staff don't have the time or budget to devote to.

We can buy submission software and get the same results.

Most search engine submission software companies make wild claims that they will get you top ranking at a really low price. In reality, no software program can identify keywords for maximum ranking potential, optimize your content, or assist you with a top-notch link popularity campaign. Additionally, a software program isn't aware of those changes in algorithms we mentioned earlier. At SubmitToday, we do manual search engine optimization and submission to ensure you will get top search engine ranking -- and stay there. Also important to note: Some search engines don't like automated submission to their databases and have been known to penalize sites who have submitted sites with the use of computer software.

Traffic generated by search engine optimization isn't as good as traffic from banner ads and other advertising sources.

Traffic resulting from effective search engine optimization is the most qualified traffic you can get because users initiate the search with a purpose. Most online businesses don't have a marketing budget to support write my essay for me, TV ads, direct mail, email, banner ads, and search engine marketing. That is why more and more companies are opting for search engine optimization. The cost is comparably lower than most other advertising mediums and, more importantly, a properly optimized site can produce leads and sales within a short time period.

Search engine optimization companies all work on guarantees.

Like many of the other ethical search engine optimization companies out there, we frequently get requests for guarantees of top ranking by potential clients. After all, there are many unethical search engine optimization companies out there who will offer a guarantee. Be careful -- this is a marketing ploy to get you to purchase. This is an unethical practice and virtually impossible for a search engine optimization company to claim. After all, how can a company guarantee a service for which they have no control? The search engines alone control their algorithms, and their algorithms are always changing. We can't -- and won't -- offer a guarantee of top ranking. However, we will continually monitor and update our system to reflect the algorithmic changes and then pass that information on to our clients so they can achieve top ranking in an ethical manner.

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Unoreads is the Online Learning Platforms for Students which provides customizable study materials and high-quality lessons with the aim to provide quality content to the needy aspirants.

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Unoreads, the knowledgepedia, is an online e-learning platform to help the students and government job aspirant all over India to prepare for all the leading Government Examinations like – UPSC (Civil Services, CAPF, etc.), SSC (CGL, CHSL, CPO, MTS, etc.), Banking (IBPS, SBI RBI, PO and SO and Clerc), Railways and many more exams.

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