anoop srivastava
January 03, 2019
1 year

respected sir/madam ...i used to write and read each subject of daily mains test series one by one as my subject was covering ...whenever i used to click the blue bottom like" environment"...i used to get each mains question and answer of environment from 2018 to 2017  from day to day basic...

but today i seen that you have deleted all the previous year daily mains test series ques and answer ....i request please dont do this at-least keep the ques and answer of 2018 year ...i have to complete it ...i request u with bottom of my heart ..provide the 2018 mains and ans as it was previous ,.......i want to learn ,leap and lead  and i hope you will  help me...


your student 




1 year

IAS Parliament

Mains Questions are still available. Nothing has been deleted. If you were talking about the tags, they were temporarily deactivated and has been reactivated again. You can still write answers. Keep Writing and following.