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Anjali Kumari
October 20, 2020
2 years

I want to join classes for sociology as a optional subject for UPSC mains 2021


2 hours


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5 hours

carlhammond hammond

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21 hours

Olivia Hubbard

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13 days

Sku Tufik

 So you join the sports classes to maintain your health. You buy cheap basketball shoes under $50 for good running in matches. 

24 days

Broun Stock

If you have some time to cover an optional subject. If you are interested in basketball.  So you join the sports classes to maintain your health. You buy cheap basketball shoes under $50 for good running in matches. 

25 days

Jessie Willis

Our educational institution values every student regardless of race. We find a culturally responsive teaching approach and listening to the wishes of each child. Many parents remained grateful to us, and their children study in a calm and favorable environment.

1 month


Sociology provides critical insight and perspective on social problems. Sociology has altered our perspective on crime, its causes, and its consequences. Sociology is extremely important in understanding international issues. I am also interested in sociology, but I don't have much time because I am a logo designer at logoistic, and my goal is to give your company an identity through the use of a logo.

1 month

Kaitlin Flores

As a result of this increased growth, drift games are becoming more drift boss complex, and players need to be more alert and responsive. in order to be successful—not just in terms of how long they can sit still in front of a screen, but also in terms of how predictable their course of action is. Thus, maintaining a constant speed while playing the game is just as crucial as having longer control times.

3 months

harry neyt

Some people believe that sports should be banned, but others say that participating in such events can boost international relations and reduce the level of obesity. Others argue that sport can help children compete and develop teamwork skills, and that schools shouldn't spend valuable time on sports lessons. While some believe in the positive benefits of sports, others nursing paper writing service that promoting violence in sports should be banned from television and from international competitions. Whatever your position on the subject, make sure you know the grading criteria for the topic.

6 months

Henry Mosley

Hello. Glad to be a part of your community and I have a question about optional resources. I am doing my scientific work in addition to freelancing and wanted to ask is coomeet trustworthy to connect for a small training on the topic of improving the ability to collaborate various software of the parliament. I would be happy to hear back.

7 months

marry smith

In every university, they launched an optional subject every semester that easier for the students to pick their favorite subject. Along with this, I have selected a marketing subject that is easy to learn because in the future I want to be part of real estate and sell new London Homes at profitable prices. As per market, these had the best scope day by day well people will know by time.

7 months

Anna Marle

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10 months


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11 months

salina era

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11 months

Kate Backer

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11 months


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11 months


Thank you!

12 months


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12 months

Hazel Isra

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12 months


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